I can't say enough about my family's experience at this office. The office is comfortable and clean. They have an exceptionally friendly staff. They are flexible about scheduling. The orthodontists have great credentials and had the best interests of my daughter at the core of every decision they made. The costs were exactly what they said. Going to Barrish and Lehnes Orthodontics made the entire process of braces much easier! ~ Dana Carey

Two of my three kids have been seeing Dr. Barrish see they were very young-2nd grade. He has been monitoring their tooth progression since then and worked closely with our dentist and the dental surgeon to ensure the smoothest transition into braces. 2 out of my 3 kids have already gone through braces at this office and love both Dr. Barrish and Dr. Lehnes. Nurses are all knowledgeable and friendly and give just the right advice to teens for caring for their teeth during and after braces! Office staff is quick and responsive. One more kid to go and we would not be anywhere else! ~ Jenny M.

Dr. Barrish and Dr. Lehnes and their staff have been extremely wonderful to work with.  While braces are not fun, the doctors and their staff have made it a pleasant experience.  My children never complained about going for their appointments, and the ability to choose different colored rubberbands each visit made the time with the braces bearable.  My daughter just had her braces removed and the staff threw a party for her!   It just once again shows how great the staff is. ~ Kim G.

Dr. Barrish and Dr. Lehnes have been so attentive to both my children with their braces. The entire staff worked well with the girls and made the experience as enjoyable as could be. My daughter just had her braces removed and said she would miss seeing the staff on a regular basis. ~ Bruce Glinklin

Working with Dr. Barrish and his staff has been a wonderful experience, and the results of their work have far exceeded our expectations.  To say that the quality of care my daughter received was excellent is an understatement.  Everyone on Dr. Barrish’s team is focused on delivering the best quality dental care in a pleasant and comfortable office environment.  Dr. Barrish and his staff are obviously fully committed to achieving optimum outcomes for all his patients.  Before our very eyes, we could see the transformation of our daughter’s smile literally come together.  If you live in New Jersey, I highly recommend Dr. Barrish and his kind, caring, professional staff. – Anthony Onorati (Rockaway, NJ)

I can’t say enough about the great work of this practice.  After correcting the teeth of two of my children, they are now treating me.  If you are considering orthodontics for anyone in your family, this would be the practice I recommend. – Allan Berger (Randolph, NJ)

When I first met Drs. Barrish and Lehnes, I was an adult woman unhappy with the appearance of my teeth.  I always felt self conscious about my front teeth, and like most ladies, when I saw a picture of myself, my eyes were drawn to my crooked teeth.  I never liked a picture of myself.  I always smiled, of course, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked.  I avoided pictures, even with my precious son.  Fast forward to present day.  Now, as I am approaching the end of my Invisalign treatment, I am so happy with the results and transformation of my teeth and smile.  In the past few weeks, I received an award at work and had a picture taken.  I love the picture and my smile!  Last week was Halloween, and I had many pictures taken of me standing with my son in his costume.  I love all of the pictures and my smile!  I actually shared these pictures with friends and family.  I never would have shared a picture of myself before. – Tina Miragliotta Dykstra (Sparta, NJ)

I am perpetually indebted to Dr. Barrish and his staff for their efforts and am grateful for their enthusiasm and professionalism.  Going to Dr. Barrish’s office for orthodontic work has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I thank them very much for a job well done. – Dr. Simin Rooholamini (Randolph, NJ)

I recommend Barrish and Lehnes Orthodontics to ALL of my friends. I brought my daughter to 2 other orthodontists for consults and just felt the most comfortable and confident with Dr. Barrish and Dr. Lehnes. They are both excellent and I love how they consult with each other when necessary. They are both super professional and personable which makes the experience even better. The staff is also very nice and professional and help create a very welcoming and comfortable environment. - H.L.

If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

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